Camden Rocks All Dayer - Torchbearer & more

Fiddler's Elbow, Camden, London.

This event is for 18 and over - No refunds will be issued for under 18s.

Ticket type Cost (face value)? Quantity
GENERAL ADMISSION £11.30 (£10.00) Pay on entry (subject to availability)

Pay on entry (subject to availability)

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We recommend and encourage the following ways to enjoy a safe visit to The Fiddlers, and to help give our staff and customers peace of mind in this transition period. It’s about taking a ‘Common Sense’ approach to ensure the safest way to enjoy live music at our venue.


PLEASE DO NOT ATTEND IF YOU HAVE COVID SYMPTOMS, or if you believe you may have been exposed to infection. Our offer to you: if you are suffering from Covid symptoms, or fear you may be an infection risk, we will offer you a refund on your ticket. (Please see the terms below.*)


WE HIGHLY RECOMMEND WEARING A MASK when attending the venue. Our staff will be wearing masks during events. Please remember that they can face hundreds of people at close quarters every week and some are still on their vaccine journey, so we'd like to encourage everyone to wear a mask when possible - especially at the bar or in crowded areas, including the toilets. Exemptions still apply as before. No one will force you to wear a mask. If you are vulnerable, we strongly recommend that you wear a mask if you are able, and avoid close contact with gig goers who have chosen not to wear a mask.


Before coming to one of our events, we recommend that you do everything you can to make sure that you personally are not infectious. You can do this by:

- Getting vaccinated

- Taking a lateral flow or PCR test

This is not a condition of entry however, and no one is forcing you to do this.

4)HAND SANITISER & HAND WASHING: Please frequently use the sanitiser stations around the venue to help , reduce contact risk by regularly cleaning your hands.

We don't believe that we should operate a policy of excluding you from our venue because you haven't done any of these things. We will not be operating a vaccine certification or passport model to enter our shows, nor will we demand masks be worn at all times. We are just asking you to be kind and thoughtful and try to follow these guidelines for the safety of our staff and every other visitor to The Fiddlers.

What we’ll be doing in the venue to reduce risks of Covid:

1) We will continue to clean the building regularly, including wiping down all surfaces using contact cleaning solutions which reduce the risk of contact infections.

2) We will be ventilating the venue when we can between band sets where possible by opening the doors. This will enable air to circulate and reduce both aerosol and droplet risk. Our windows are are triple glazed sealed units and do not open. We cannot open the doors to the venue during live performances due to noise pollution to local residents.

We do not have any air filtering systems within the venue. This is purely down to the cost of such units which are way too expensive for us.

3) Our staff will take regular tests, and will isolate when required to do so by Track & Trace alerts or positive testing.

4) We will have free masks and hand sanitiser available behind the bar should anyone require them.

5) We will continue to operate as a cash and card venue for now, but we encourage you to use contactless card payment over the use of cash.

6) We are a small venue and therefore we can’t guarantee that there won’t be crowded events in this period. However, we will be reducing the number of tickets available in order to reduce the amount of people in the venue.


1) We will be cleaning the stage area and amps/drums after each act. We will change mics after each singer with ones that have been sanitised. We HIGHLY RECOMMEND SINGERS BRING THEIR OWN MICS (SM58’S) IF POSSIBLE, to prevent sharing.

2)When in the band room area, keep your instruments and equipment separate from other bands. 

3) We will clean down the band room regularly.

4) Use your own equipment when you can. Avoid sharing when possible.

We are a Grassroots Music Venue; we are also a community. We have tried to avoid rules and restrictions, and instead to find ways we can all work together on this to deliver top quality, safe events. We see this as a partnership with you, our friends and our community, to try to keep everyone safe from the risk of Covid infection. Please always think of the safety of others and look after yourself at the same time.

Basically: Be Kind use your common sense. Respect yourself and other people at all times and

let's all play our part and make this a great place to #revivelivemusic.